Sunday, July 11, 2021

For Those Who Would Govern ~ Joy Harjo

 For Those Who Would Govern ~ 

First question: Can you first govern yourself?

Second question: What is the state of your own household?

Third question: Do you have a proven record of community service and compassionate acts?

Fourth question: Do you know the history and laws of your principalities?

Fifth question: Do you follow sound principles? Look for fresh vision to lift all the inhabitants of the land including animals, plants, elements, all who share this earth?

Sixth question: Are you owned by lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, lobbyists, or other politicians, anyone else who would unfairly profit from your decisions?

Seventh question: Do you have the authority by the original keepers of the lands, those who obey natural law and are in thee service of the lands on which you stand?


eileeninmd said...

Good list of questions.
I worry about the future of our country.

Take care, enjoy your day!

Elle said...

Checking in as you haven't posted in a very long time.

Take good care Florence :-)