Sunday, July 11, 2021

For Those Who Would Govern ~ Joy Harjo

 For Those Who Would Govern ~ 

First question: Can you first govern yourself?

Second question: What is the state of your own household?

Third question: Do you have a proven record of community service and compassionate acts?

Fourth question: Do you know the history and laws of your principalities?

Fifth question: Do you follow sound principles? Look for fresh vision to lift all the inhabitants of the land including animals, plants, elements, all who share this earth?

Sixth question: Are you owned by lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, lobbyists, or other politicians, anyone else who would unfairly profit from your decisions?

Seventh question: Do you have the authority by the original keepers of the lands, those who obey natural law and are in thee service of the lands on which you stand?

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eileeninmd said...

Good list of questions.
I worry about the future of our country.

Take care, enjoy your day!