Monday, February 1, 2021

Plans for 2021–January Update


Plans for 2021 - January Update

Books read in January
   A Promised Land by Barack Obama
   The Guest List by Lisa Foley
   Saving Freedom by Joe Scarborough 

Household projects
   Windows cleaned inside and out

Health preservation 
   Received second Moderna Covid-19 vaccination
   Annual physical

New Recipies
   Black Bean Soup
   Jalapeño Cornbread 

Here’s the whole list:

Plans for 2021

1. Repair LadyBuggy (Electric Golf Cart)
2. Replace cat flap
3. New bed and dresser
4. Freezer
5. Back porch furniture
6. Paint Fence
7. Paint Back Door
8. Windows Cleaned
9. 12 new recipes
10. Read 24 books 
11. Houston Botanical Gardens
      Mercer Botanical Gardens
      National Butterfly Center
      Houston Arboretum 
      Memorial Park Eastern Glades