Sunday, February 3, 2008

To Work or Not to Work, That is the Question

I read a lot of blogs written by Happy Homemakers. They love cooking and cleaning and making their homes an inviting haven from the outside world. Many of them have small children and it is natural that they center their lives around hearth and home. Among the elderblogs that I read, there are a few Happy Homemakers; most are retired or out of the workforce for one reason or another. I love my home, I love my dear family, I love our OakMeadows land but....I confess, I am your basic Worker Bee. If I were not paid well or if I were mistreated at work, I may not feel the same way. I spent years at home when DD was small and I consider that time well spent; I flat don't see how women with small children manage to be back on the job 6-12 weeks after having a baby. Sheesh, I didn't get a night's sleep until DD was 3 years old. As DD grew older, I grew tired of being dependent and wanted to know that I could take care of myself. So I went back to school and became a Pharmacist. There are irritations and sometimes I want to chunk it but the thought of being without an income gives me an anxiety attack. Yes, not working would give me more time to quilt and cook and read and clean but I don't much like to cook, I can hire the cleaning done, and I can quilt & read on the weekends. At 60 I am fortunate to have the choice to work or not to work. For now the answer is Work.