Friday, August 21, 2020

Uplifting, Inspiring, Goodness


Henry and Tigger

I’ve been so uplifted by the speeches at the virtual Democratic National Convention. Michele Obama, Barak Obama, Joe Biden, and others were inspiring and a reminder of the goodness of America. It was refreshing and hopeful. I’ve done my best to avoid hearing negative responses. 

We have a tropical storm heading our way. So far it looks like it will be a Category 1 at landfall on Tuesday afternoon. Of course with any storm, it could stall and strengthen or it could go somewhere else altogether.  If it does come as a Category 1, it will bring some much needed rain. I am so hoping that we will have our generator installed before we have a serious storm. Stay tuned.

Today is our Friday for Texas Roadhouse curbside pickup. I miss going into the restaurant but am very thankful we can do the curbside pickup. I refer to JMM as our Uber Eats Guy. Angie loves to go with him and greet the person who brings the food to the van.  Of course, she loves bites of my kebabs even more.  

According to the NYT website, 174,361 Americans have died of Covid-19. It is just incredible. Never would it have entered my mind that this could happen in my America.