Sunday, September 20, 2020

Nothing to Fear by Adam Cohen


Nothing to Fear by Adam Cohen

If this had been the usual book about the Hundred Days bringing about the alphabet soup of programs, the CCC, WPA, NIRA, etc., it would have been a dreary book indeed. Fortunately, the author focused on the people who dreamed and imagined and crafted the policies that resulted in the alphabet soup of agencies whose purpose was, as Frances Perkins said, “to take the edge of human misery.”  If you don’t know Raymond Moley, Harry Hopkins, Henry Wallace, Frances Perkins, and others, you will find this a most engaging book. It has certainly spurred my interest in learning even more about these people and this time in America. Not just a good read, an excellent read.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Around OakMeadows


Today the Generac whole house generator was installed. They have to come back one more time actually turn it on and show us how it operates. It is a great relief to know that when the next hurricane blows through, we will have power/air conditioning during and especially in the days afterward. 

We had to have someone come out and repair the garage door opener. Somehow the heavy spring  broke. I am so old that I remember when you had to get out of car, unlock the garage door, and lift it open, then you would drive in  before closing it by pulling it down. 

The wildfires are blazing in California. 2 million acres have burned and several of the fires are completely uncontained. Completely to be expected with climate change. 

55 days until the election. 155 days until the inauguration. I hope I never see or hear anything ever again about the Orange one.

190K deaths from Covid-19. No end in sight. A vaccine may be available in the spring, 2021. We shall see.