Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soup of the Month

I want to learn to make some different soups so I have designated 2012 as the Year of Soup.  Each month I will make a different soup.  I’m sure we’ll like some better than others but we shall try them all: 

January Chickpea Soup a la Provencal 
February Bouillabaise
March St. Patrick's Irish Cheddar
April Italian White Bean & Spinach
May Chicken Soup with Rice
June Pasta e Fagioli
July Shrimp & Con Chowder
August Gazpacho
September Swiss Chard & Lentil Soup
October Veggie Soup
November Potato Leek Soup
December Yellow Pea Soup


Janette said...

Will you post recipes? I might join the soup line!

Florence said...

Janette, I will definitely report back on how it turned out, any improvements that I think would have made it better, and the recipe. I'm starting with the Potato Leek soup next week. Stay tuned!!

Grace. said...

Hmm--how about you invite me over for May, June and July. Oh, and February!

Florence said...

Grace, consider yourself invited!!