Friday, November 11, 2011

Indulging our affections

Mary Muncil in her wonderful blog  used the phrase "indulging our affections" and it struck a chord with me.  Sometimes I feel guilty when spending time just playing with the cats or when I just can't stop my quilting.  Well, no more--I am indulging my affections.  DH is helping me indulge my rose affection/addiction;  he is making a new rose bed for me.  We have the new Edmunds Rose catalog and how easy it is to indulge my affections there!!  Another affection to indulge is bird watching; Thanksgiving week we are going birding down the Texas Gulf Coast to Corpus Christi and on down to Brownsville.  What a wonderful indulgence.  I think that is what I am enjoying so much about retirement--I have time to indulge my affections.


Terra said...

I like that concept of indulging our affections, and I see we share some of the same ones, cats and roses.

Florence said...

I'm afraid my rose affection is becoming my rose addiction!! LOL!!