Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter Clothes Part 2

I ordered everything on the shopping list except the shoes from LLBean and here are the results:

2 pair slacks--The brown ones came but the olive are on backorder until Jan 4; fit is good.
2 pullover sweaters--Love the cranberry mock turtleneck but the gold/brown is too big--will exchange for smaller size
1 pair pjs--These are the softest things I've ever had one; so comfortable I may just live in them!!

Still need to order shoes.  I want brown lace up shoes. Have to keep looking--online.

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Morrison said...

I had a pair of pj's from LLBean once. I wore them for so many years, they had holes in them and were coming apart at the seems.

Waaaaaaaaaaaa! I loved them! So soft and comfy.

Now, I sew my own pj's and they're just as comfy.