Friday, November 18, 2011

My Vacation Manifesto

My husband and I have been married for 43 years and I love him dearly. But (you knew there was a "but" coming) we have vastly different ideas on what a vacation is.  His idea of a vacation is to head off in a vague direction of what to see and what to do, a hotel is a place to spend minimum time--shower, sleep, dump stuff off--no need for reservations, any place will do.  He likes to walk and see where it leads him--sidewalks, swamps, seashores--you never know what you'll find. Grab a sausage biscuit at McD's, fine for breakfast, Diet Cokes and peanuts for snacks, no problem. (And he wonders why he comes home from trips bloated, constipated, and grouchy...)

This is a fine idea for some people but it is not my idea of a vacation.  For many years I tried to be a good sport and go along & get along.  It was possible when we were young and mobile but I am now 64 and can't walk.  So in preparation for our next vacation, I have issued My Vacation Manifesto.  So here it is:

My Vacation Manifesto
1.   I have a destination with a hotel reservation at the end.
2.   I don’t stay in crappy motels.  I stay at Marriott, Hyatt, or similar quality. The hotel room must be equipped with handicapped  accessible toilet and shower with bath seat.
3.   I get 2 hours alone time daily.
4.   I eat breakfast at the hotel each morning and evening meal at a nice restaurant. 

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