Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter Clothes

To put it mildly, I hate clothes shopping.  The only thing I hate worse than clothes shopping is shoe shopping.  OK, that's not true.  I hate the entire Republican presidential field even more but that's another post.  So it is time to patch up the wardrobe with some needed winter clothes.  What do I need?

2 pair slacks
2 pullover sweaters
1 pair shoes
1 pair of pjs
I don't need a coat because our winters last approximately 30 minutes and my REI coat will probably never wear out.

I really like LLBean because the stuff is classic, fits well, they pay shipping, if I need to return anything there is zero hassle, and I can order it online and I don't have to set foot in a mall.  Malls just set my teeth on edge and the minute I set foot in one, I just want to escape.  I did go to the mall a couple of weeks ago to find DD's Christmas present and I have to admit that I did find a good parking place, and after I found the store, the staff was very helpful and had just what I was looking for.  But still, I just wanted to escape.

We'll see how this shopping trip goes.


Barb said...

I also dont love buying clothes. I try and do clothes shopping as part of my regular thrift shop trips. that said, Ive lost some weith and at some point am gonna need to aquire a couple more pants and a couple cardigans for school.

Florence said...

If the economy is waiting for us to give it a shopping boost, it's going to have to wait a long time!! LOL!!

Hattie said...

I love Value Village in Seattle. I can get a lot of brand-name clothes very cheaply there. I bought some very nice blouses there for a cruise I'm going on in December. Also shirts and jeans and a warm down vest that I need and leave here for those winter visits from Hawaii where we live.