Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Waste of It All

Rod Dreher has a good post up about the end of the Iraq War.

"The waste of it all." sums it up for the Iraq war.
"The waste of it all." will sum it up when we end the war in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda, and the others that we don't even know about yet.


Hattie said...

No, no, he doesn't get away with this in my book, since he was initially so gung-ho for the Iraq war.
And that goes for everyone who could not see through the lies that got us into that mess. I never fell for it. Oprah did, though. So why does anyone listen to her, either Is being absolutely wrong OK as long as you are a celebrity?

Florence said...

Hattie, I'm with you. I never understood what on earth we were doing there. From the very beginning, it was a major fiasco. And the waste of it all just boggles my mind. Ditto for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, ad infinitum.