Saturday, October 15, 2011

We've gone mad.

That's it, the USA has gone stark raving bonkers.  What other explanation could there be for:

1. We are sending troops into Uganda to end the Lord's Liberation Army.  I suppose our stellar experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan have emboldened us to take on another area of the world.  (Can the Nobel Peace Prize be rescinded?)

2, The state of Texas is considering adding a confederate flag to the available vanity license plates.  There is certainly nothing else our legislature should be dealing with.

3. Oh wait, we do have one other issue here in Texas that is of some urgency--immigration.  We don't want to be outshone by Alabama now do we.  ( I wonder which group of immigrants should be deported--the Mexicans, or the Texans.)

I'm taking a News Fast for a week.  I just can't stand it.


Janette said...

Uganda? Not thrilled!
What happened to this President?

Florence said...

I wish I knew!!