Sunday, October 23, 2011


All through this summer's horrid drought, we consoled each other by remembering two things.  The roses were outstanding this year because it was too dry for them to be blighted by the usual fungus infestations.  And secondly, this year we could rejoice being outside in the evenings because there were no mosquitoes to drive us mad.

Well, we had some rain last weekend and by Friday, we were unable to step outside without being covered with the little beasties!!  It seems that we are getting a whole year's worth of mosquitoes all in one week.  You can watch people as they are driving smashing their hands against the car window trying to rid themselves of the maddening creatures that they are confined with.  Last night I found myself with a blanket over my head while watching a Netflix DVD because there was this kamikaze mosquito determined to suck blood from my inner ear.

Mosquito by Deborah Frontiera

Familiar whine in my ear
You settle on my forearm
Prepare to pierce my skin with your proboscis
I raise my had to strike
What if I let you complete the cycle?
You might feed the songbird
Who cheers my day.
You larvae might feed the minnow
Who feeds the fingerling
Who feeds the pike
Who feeds me.
You might be a meal
For the brown bat
Whose guano fertilizes
Tomatoes for my salad.
But not today.

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