Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Fruit

We will digress from the usual abysmal political / economic news and wallow in the juicy, drippy deliciousness of summer fruit.  Oh my, the aroma of the peaches at the market just about sends me directly to heaven.  Juicy, drippy, sweet peaches.  We brought home peaches, grapes, and cantaloupe. The peaches didn't last until we got home.  I cut up the cantaloupe and put it in a bowl in the refrigerator. I found JMM had stuck a note to the bowl, "No good.  Leave this to me to take care of."  Which of course meant that it was so good, he wanted all of it.  And grapes, I've just left them on the counter so we can snack on them as we walk by.  Watermelons, I love the smaller, seedless varieties.  JMM loves plums of all kinds.  Yum, have to go wash the juice off my chin.  What's your favorite summer fruit?

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