Thursday, August 4, 2011

CBS Evening News 8/3/11

Several Items on the news yesterday really grated on me.

First, President Obama is going on a "listening tour" about jobs.  He doesn't need to go on a listening tour about jobs.  Can there be anyone, anywhere that doesn't already know that unemployment is a huge problem??  What is needed is some LEADERSHIP: fire and brimstone, raise the roof, energetic LEADERSHIP.  Throw out ideas, plans, programs.  Use the vast 2008 database to bury, drown, and trample the opposition.

Next was the segment on spending billions on inventing an Afghan police force.  Is there anyone, anywhere who thinks that any police force in place when we leave will be there 15 minutes after the last troop transport leaves???

Finally, the segment on the dismantling of our educational system.  This segment focused on California's universities but it could have been any state's elementary, secondary, or university system.  We have to cut teachers, cut research, cut federal tuition aid while we pour money, lives, and limbs into Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

Why are we not marching on the capitol and burying our legislators with e-mail, phone calls, and letters??


Morrison said...

Uh, Florence, do you remember how anyone who criticizes Obama is slammed?

Good luck with that.

Obama is full steam ahead for his re-election.

He certainly has a set, doesn't he?

JBO said...

My husband and I are ready for a march. This has little to do with Obama Morrison. It has to do with the economy and congress.
Opps- forgot
Congress is on recess.... and the market dropped 512 points today!

Florence said...

Uh, Morrison are you saying that the rumor mongerers who spread the vicious lies that the President was not a citizen or was a secret Muslim are unwilling to be "slammed"? If you can't take the heat, you get out of the kitchen. But this is nonsense and I refuse to participate in it.
I want to be so busy with health care reform, getting us out of the ridiculous military-industrial complex induced wars, and building our own schools, universities, and infrastructure that idiots with forked tongues can do what they do best with said forked tongues.