Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Heat

It is always hot on the Texas Gulf Coast in August and I am always tired of it by August.  But Lordy, there are summers and then there are summers!! There has been no rain and relief from the 100+ degree heat means a day of 97 degree heat. Ack!!  Which brings me to air conditioning.  I think of myself as an environmentalist--I reduce, re-use, and recycle; I drive a fuel efficient car and bundle all my trips to be as efficient as possible.  But at approximately 90 degrees, I stop worrying about my carbon footprint and crank up the a/c.  How did our pioneer fore bearers stand it?? Many didn't--they died or settled up North.  The drought is wearing on me too.  I worry about the little creatures and how they are getting enough water to stay alive.  I see big old trees dying for lack of water.  And it has been so long since I have heard that soothing sound of a nice steady rainfall and smelled the cool, clean air that it brings. 
I am ready for autumn.


Hattie said...

My sympathies. It must be hard to bear. But I guess Governor Goodhair isn't worried about all that climate change nonsense.

Florence said...

Oh Hattie, don't get me started on that awful man!! He makes GWB look like an intelectual...ack!!