Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to you today to urge you to end the decade long war in Afghanistan and to remove U.S. troops from Iraq. As we move closer to their removal, there will be immense pressure on you to leave some troops longer. I urge you to resist these pressures and to move steadily and consistently to a complete end to these military involvements.

I am so distressed over so many things in government today that I feel completely overwhelmed. Social Security and Medicare being dismantled, health care overhaul being shredded, lack of civility, compassion, and compromise in budgeting.  What can I do? Where does one start?  Well, for me right now the thing that tears at me most is the terrible toll these wars are taking on everyone. So I am committing myself to writing one letter each Sunday to President Obama and one to my Congressional Representative letting them know that I vehemently object to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

I wish there were an organization of Old Ladies Against the Wars but I've Googled it and nothing comes up.  I'd even fly me and my electric scooter to Washington if there were any anti-war marches planned but there doesn't seem to be anything there either.

So you do what you can.


Hattie said...

Well, I'm an old lady and I'm against the war!
And we're not alone, that is for sure.
It's just that the wars won't stop until our leaders have had enough of it. There is little we can do beyond passive resistance.

Florence said...

It is just eating away at me how much good we could be doing eith the people, money, time, and effort that we are expending on these useless, tragic wars.


I agree with your letter to the President. Good thinking on your part -- barbara

Florence said...

Thank you Barbara. It breaks my heart to see on the news all the soldiers with legs blown off and all the children with just horrific wounds.
(Also Thank you Barbara for introducing me to Bedlam Farm through your terrific blogroll!!)