Monday, August 15, 2011


There is a time to plow ahead and overcome the circumstances.  There is also a time to reassess the situation and make adjustments for reality.  For example, I had planned to continue to work until age 66 because I was good at my job, my employer appreciated me, and the pay was great.  However, my neuromuscular condition reached a point that the struggle was simply overwhelming.  I tried to soldier on but made myself sick.  So, I retired.  And you know what, the world didn't end.  Our paid for house and debt free living habit of many years made it financially quite doable. 

Today I made another accommodation to life.  My life long hobby has been quilting--hand piecing the blocks and then hand quilting the quilt.  Today, I realized that I can still quilt by piecing on the sewing machine and quilting only in straight lines.  And you know what, that is fine with me. I can still get the pleasure of putting colors together in a pleasing pattern and still enjoy hand quilting and that is what I enjoy anyway.

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Grace. said...

I think accommodating to one's situation, and also knowing when accommodation is not necessary is important. A friend of mine was a serious basketball player when we were in high school--she was good, but she was also under six feet tall. She wanted to play college ball but it was not to be. Instead she majored in Public Relations. She works in PR but for years has coached a successful women's BB team at our local high school--funding for it went away long ago, but she preseveres. It was an accommodation to the reality of her situation, which accommodation still gives in to her love of the game.