Saturday, August 27, 2011

A new iron

I had to buy a new iron.  This new iron is only the 3rd iron I’ve had in 43 years of marriage.  The last iron lasted 25 years and would still be working if I could replace the cord but things today are not made to be repaired, they are made to be replaced.  I suppose replacing every 25 years is not too bad on the landfills.  But still, I’d rather have been able to repair it.  ( One reason it lasted so long may be that I don’t iron much—only with my quilting and sewing.)   There have been improvements in irons in the last 25 year:  It turns itself off if left in the down position after 30 seconds and after 15 minutes in the upright position.  There’s a dot on the side that tells you when it is hot and when it is cool enough to put away.  I seem to have done OK without these improvements but they do seem to make it a bit safer.                

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