Thursday, March 4, 2021

February Update on 2021 Plans


February was mostly a bust as far as my plans were concerned. Granted for a week I was without power and/or water during a pandemic but still I ought to have gotten more done. So here we are. Things done in February are  marked with a ❤️

1. Repair LadyBuggy (Electric Golf Cart)
2. Replace cat flap
3. New bed and dresser
4. Freezer❤️Yea!! We got our freezer.
5. Back porch furniture
6. Paint Fence
7. Paint Back Door
8. Windows Cleaned❄️Done in January..
9. 12 new recipes
     Black Bean Soup & Jalapeño Cornbread ❄️
10. Read 24 books 
     A Promised Land by Barack Obama❄️
    The Guest List by Lisa Foley❄️
    Saving Freedom by Joe Scarborough ❄️
    Seeing Trees by Nancy Ross Hughs❤️
    The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner❤️
11. Houston Botanical Gardens
      Mercer Botanical Gardens
      National Butterfly Center
      Houston Arboretum 
      Memorial Park Eastern Glades

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eileeninmd said...


I hope you and everyone in Texas is getting back to normal after the power outages and those freezing temperatures. Take care, enjoy your weekend!