Monday, September 26, 2011

To Renew or Not to Renew, that is the question.

I am a registered pharmacist and in Texas, RPh licenses are renewed every other year for $325.  In addition to license renewal, there is a Continuing Education requirement of 30 hours CE.  I retired May 1 of this year and considering my neuromuscular condition, it is exceedingly unlikely that I will ever work again. I can't walk and I cannot manipulate syringes.  I could do order entry verification and I could check technicians work.  My previous employer has asked if  I would be interested in doing PRN work but I have put them off.  I don't particularly want to work again even part time; I don't financially need to work.  But once your license lapses, that's it buddy.  To be reinstated I would have to take the national boards again and frankly my dear, my brain isn't what it used to be.  I think to be on the safe side, I'll renew because you just never know what's coming.  What do you think??


Diane said...

I'm facing the same decision, although I am working a little bit for my former employer.

My state bar renewal is just as pricey as your pharmacist's renewal with the same requirement for continuing education.

I'd like to keep working a couple of hours a week just to keep my hand in and to keep in contact with the many good people I've worked with over the years, but my health is also heading southward.

I've decided to make two part list which examines both sides of the question. And then I'll do what my father once suggested when I had a difficult decision:

"Flip a coin. While it's in the air you'll know which side you want to come up. That'll be your answer."

Florence said...

Good thought about deciding while the coin is in the air. LOL.

Grace. said...

$325 to keep your options open, including your option to volunteer in your field? Cheap at the price!

Hattie said...

I say bag the work and enjoy your retirement. You've served your time.

Janette said...

For me to renew my teaching certificate is only $50. The problem is I have to have 8 Master level credits to do it. That is about $4500!
Mine expires in 2014. I am thinking, seriously, of passing.
Good luck on your decision.

Florence said...

Janette, That is just outrageous!!