Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Junk food isn't cheap.

There was an excellent article in Sunday's NYT showing how fast/junk food isn't cheaper than nutritious food.  I've long suspected as much.  I know that I can make a huge pot of vegetable soup that is tasty, nutritious, and really inexpensive.  Tonight I am making roasted chicken and vegetables which is absolutely divine and will make about 6 servings for a total cost of about $10. Then I will use the bones to make chicken stock for chicken noodle soup.  That one chicken will make a total of about 12 delicious servings.

Then there is the non-monetary costs of junk/fast food.  Obesity and its attending health problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.  The trashing of the environment with all the bags and plastic.  The trashing of the art of family meals--the set table, the aromas from the kitchen, the anticipation, and finally congenial companionship while eating.  One last personal peeve: how will the children ever learn table manners when everyone is noshing their faces in a paper bag in front of the television??

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