Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have been thinking quite a bit about Morrison who blogs at All
Doors Considered.  She is 60 and her husband is 55.  They are the poster people for what is happening in this The Long Recession.  They are probably better off than most their age because they have savings, no debt, a paid for house, and most of all they are better off than most because Morrison is paying attention.  But because she is paying attention, she is worried, very concerned.  Employment is the key and the fact is there just isn’t enough.  Add in age discrimination and she has good reason to be worried.  Currently her husband has a job but he was injured on the job and who knows how long the job will last.  Morrison is smart, she has found health insurance for them at the lowest cost but with a high deductible and she has found prescription drugs at rock bottom prices. But then again, one bad accident, one serious illness, what happens then??  

There are days when Morrison is down, she’s worried with good reason.  The rules of the game have been changed.  In fact, she thought she was playing one game and all of a sudden, she finds it’s not just new rules—it’s a whole different game.  Then there are days when she is happy to be alive and well, happy to cook good inexpensive food, enjoying the beauty of upstate New York.  Morrison is a fighter though.  She may be down but you can bet those mental wheels are cranking out ways to cope, ways to get a handle on the situation, ways to get and give joy in life.  Here’s to Morrison and all the other Morrisons who are struggling and living through The Long Recession.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Florence. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your post.

Grace. said...

I like that blog as well. Let's hear it for cranky older ladies who are not going quietly into the night. Or the future,either!

Florence said...

I'll second that Grace!!