Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Cool Day

This morning the temperature was in the low 60's!! This is the first time that has happened since May.  And today's high temperature is only 90!!  The humidity is very low (well, low for the Texas Gulf Coast).  So pleasant when I was out trimming the roses this morning.  Even the cats were frisking about.

Another Cool thing about today is the whiz of hummingbirds at the feeders. I could see 4 at one feeder and 5 at the other.  There were more but they just move too fast to count.  They love our feeders, butterfly weed, and purple salvia.  They are gathering along the coast before their migration to Central America.

The last Cool thing is my lemon cake which is out of the oven, cooling on the counter, waiting for the lemon glaze.

Thought for the Day:

I've learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.  Martha Washington



Retired Syd said...

Wow, ain't that the truth. Great quote.

Diane said...

What a lovely post!

And the quote from our First First Lady was quite appropriate.

Thank you.

Florence said...

Hi Syd!! Did you know I've retired too!! Loving every minute of it so far!!