Monday, September 5, 2011

Postcard to the President

My latest missive to the President was brief and to the point and fit nicely on a post card.  Somehow, President Obama has missed the fact that he is the President of the United States.  I wanted to clarify his position to him.

Dear President Obama,
You won the election. You are the President. Stop being Mr. Nice.  You have Power.  Please start using it.  


Anonymous said...

He is. He's giving these great cocktail parties in the White House every Wednesday night. Michelle and the girls are jet setting wherever they want to. Just came back from a $50 thou-a-week getaway at the vineyard. Gosh, he's playing golf, eating well, hosting with the mosting. I'd say Obama is using his power quite well.

Oh and Obama gives good speech.

Florence said...

I wish we had FDR back mixing cocktails in the White House every night. Maybe then we could get health care for those who need it, maybe then Medicare and Social Security wouldn't be dismantled, and we wouldn't be wasting lives and limbs in useless wars. You can begrudge the president a two week vacation if that's what is the most important thing on your mind but frankly I mind his kowtowing to the party that has greed as its top priority--never mind the old, the sick, the uninsured, the unemployed, just make sure to not to tax my multi-million dollar income. Turns my stomach.