Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Around OakMeadows

It is July so it is expected to be hot and it certainly is. I suppose I should be glad it isn't as hot as it is in various other places around the world. 129 degrees in Iran. I can start my yearly countdown to cooler weather: 97 days. 

I didn't set out any of my Independence Day decorations this year as my heart just wasn't into celebrating America. I daily watch in dread of what djt will say/do today.  So far the USA has not started a war with North Korea but it looks like that is what he is itching to do. In addition to Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. 
I have been so embarrassed by the treatment of refugees, that I sent my monthly $125 charity donation to Refugee Services of Texas. They also have an Amazon wishlist so I bought a Burmese-English dictionary. 

In addition feeding the birds, we also feed our resident raccoons. One is blind and gets around by patting the ground. He knows his way around to the food and water in the birdbaths. I'm pretty sure his nest is under the bottom fronds of our big Canary Island palm.  He seems to know our voices and doesn't mind our presence unless we are unusually loud.  He certainly has courage, persistence, and fortitude.  

JMM and I read aloud to each other each day. We are currently reading A Thousand Days by Arthur Schlesinger which was published in 1965. As special assistant to the president, Arthur Schlesinger witnessed firsthand the politics and personalities that influenced the now legendary Kennedy administration. It is so interesting. We just finished reading about the Bay of Pigs in 1960 and we are still fumbling around in our dealings with Cuba.  Next up our fumbling and stumbling into Indochina and we all know how well that ended. Excellent. 

I am trying to get completely off sugar. So far the longest I've gone without it is 36 hours. This morning I forgot and put grape jelly on my biscuit. Starting over. 1 hour sugar free...


eileeninmd said...

Hello, we are only in the 70's this morning. I hope you have some cooler weather there soon. Your flowers are beautiful. I am really scared about this North Korea conflict. I have to have some sugar in my coffee, it is hard to give up. Good luck. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Do you eat sugar-substitute stuff? (Like sugar-free jelly?) or forego fake sugar too? Just curious. Bill is fond of some of that fake sugar stuff in iced tea-type drinks. I can't stand the stuff. He is pretty good about passing up desserts, candy etc... (so, since he is, I am too, although I do keep a couple of chocolate bars hidden in a corner :>)

Florence said...

Sallie, My name is Florence and I am a sugarholic. It has been 48 hours since my last sugar. I wish I liked artificial sweeteners but they just don't taste right or give me the sugar boost. So I am seeing just how long I can go without sugar. I am drinking strong iced tea to at least keep me caffeinated. If I tried to stop both sugar and caffeine, I would probably melt into a limp puddle on the floor. Anyway, we will see how long this lasts.