Friday, May 13, 2016

The Blue Zones by Daniel Burttner

The Blue Zones by Daniel Buettner

Blue Zones are areas where there is an extraordinary percentage of people who are centenarians.  This book focused on the following:
Loma Linda, California
Costa Rica
Ikaria, Greece

9 Lessons for Living Longer

1. Move Naturally--be active without having to think about it
2. Hara Hachi Bu--cut calories by 20% by stopping eating when you are 80% full
3. Plant Based diet, meat sparingly eaten
4. Grapes of life--drink red wine in moderation
5. Find a purpose for your life
6. Downshift--take time to relieve stress
7. Belong--be part of a spiritual community
8. Loved ones first--make family a priority
9. Right tribe--surround yourself with people who share your values


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Shall we move to Loma Linda? (I think there is a 7th Day Adventist college/hospital there so since they are Vegetarians and of course have their church community so that would make sense on a couple of those points.)

Florence said...

Definitely Loma Linda! Maybe Costa Rica--just think of the birding we could do! Not sos much the others though. 😊

Hattie said...

Not following a lot of these guidelines may shorten my life, I suppose. I'm not disciplined in all areas.

Rambling Woods said...