Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Around OakMeadows

I was in bed most of yesterday and today.  I finally came down with the plague that DD, DSIL, and JMM have had. DD had it first and worst of all.  I have been taking aspirin and Benadryl. Sore and swollen throat, fever and malaise.  I seem to be feeling  bit better this evening. I am hoping that I feel well enough to get up and at least putter around the house tomorrow.  We'll see.  

On the political scene: Ted Cruz is out and The Donald is the only man left standing on the Republican side.  And Bernie won Indiana and of course the only thing the media says is how impossible it is for him to get enough delegates to win the nomination.  Go Bernie!!

I watched the last of Downton Abbey. It was predictable but very enjoyable.  Loved the clothes!!

My sweet cats have been my constant cuddlers while I was in bed.  Which means my bedding is covered in cat hair from their shedding their winter coats.  Ack! 

Well I think I'll go take 2 aspirin and 2 Benadryl and hope I wake up in this morning feeling better.  

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Hattie said...

Hope you are feeling better. Being unwell is such a bummer.