Friday, August 15, 2014

Goals for Next Week

1. Spiritual
     Daily reading

2. Physical
     Healthy Lunch and afternoon snack
     Exercise 14 minutes 6 times

3. Quilting
     Finish 56 blocks for quilt
     Begin cutting out lattice pieces

4. Reading
     The Guns at Last Light by Rick Atkinson
       The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
     Diary of a Provincial Lady by EM Delafield
     The Year 1000 by James Lacey

5. Cooking
     Apple-Pecan Muffins
     Baked Cod, Carrots/thyme, Corn on the Cob
     Steak, GMP, GB
     Slow Cooker Homey Chicken Stew

6. Home/Garden
     Finish trimming and cleaning walkway
     Nag JMM about photo prints

7. Personal
     Make reservations for November birding trip
     Waste lots of time playing with kittens


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