Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Around OakMeadows

Hot! Hot! Hot!  You would think it was the middle of August (which,of course, it is!)
I really shouldn't complain because we have had only one day so far over 100 degrees.  I know that I grew up without air conditioning but I wonder if I could acclimatize myself to be without it now?? I sure hope I never have to try!

We have had raccoon babies going to the feeding tray on the live oak branch with mama raccoon.  They are cute as cute as can be. I don't have any pictures because I left my camera at Paul's house when we went to this 66th birthday party. I will get it back from them when we meet for lunch on the 28th. 

The sweet kittens are growing every day. We let them play in the back flower beds each evening. They chase dragonflies and bees and never catch anything. Then they stalk and pounce on each other and generally wear themselves out.  My goodness how they eat! Kitten chow and the big cats Fancy Feast.  Henry especially loves his food. They went to the vet this morning for the last shots, worming, and Henry got a refill for his ringworm medication (which is clearing up quite nicely.)

Autumn is coming because all the beauty berry bushes are loaded. I wish I had my camera to show photos.  The mockingbirds love the berries and pig out on them getting tipsy on them as they get overripe and the sugars get turned into alcohol. 
They will also get tipsy on the pyracantha berries. I wonder if they feel bad the next morning??

I have never been much of a Robin Williams fan but it is sad that he was in so much mental pain that he took his own life.  I have had a bout with Depression and I do know that my brain just wasn't working right. I responded to making a change in my life and taking medication for six months. 

Reading about Ebola and wondering how it will play out??  I do know that the very poor African countries where this outbreak originated have no way to implement the isolation and quarantine measures necessary to contain it. Actually, I doubt if any of the African countries have the means to contain it.  Interesting times.

I am about halfway through Rick Atkinson's The Guns at Last Light which is about the European theater from D-Day to VE Day.  I have always thought of how awful the Japanese fight to the last man mindset was but as it turns out Hitler was determined to do the same thing.  It was just one bloody fight after another--from Normandy to Aachen to the Hurtgen Forest to the Battle of the Bulge (where I am now.)  I am taking my time and reading it slowly. Atkinson does a masterful job of drawing the personalities and the difficulties of trying to get everyone working together and the tribulations of just getting things done.  Excellent book. 

I should be able to finish all 56 blocks on my quilt this week and get started cutting the pieces for the lattice.  I plan to use it on the guest bed. I also plan to make some new pillow shams.  It is a nice room with good furniture but very drab so this quilt and the pillows should brighten it up. 

Lots of good cooking last week. It was hot so I made fruited chicken salad one day and tuna salad another. And ice cream...

That's all the news from OakMeadows.  I'm planning a birding trip to Louisiana for this fall when it is cooler and all the birds are down from the north to winter on the Gulf. 

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