Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Around OakMeadows

The barn swallows are gone, left yesterday.  it is kind of lonely out on the back porch with no swallows zooming in and out burbling their chatter to each other. We had 18 baby swallows that survived and fledged from 3 nests this year. The last nest produced only 2 fledglings. But on the whole a pretty successful year. I wish them a safe trip to their winter home.

The departure of the barn swallows means about 10 days before the migrating hummingbirds start arriving.  I have only 1 feeder up right now but can put up 3 more if needed.  Sometimes they arrive in crowds and sometimes in small groups.  We have had stragglers until mid-October. 

No camera until this Friday so an old photo.



The sunflowers image is beautiful!!!

And yes, it's definitely much too quiet when the birds move further south for the winter....only thing to look forward to then if their Spring return!!!

Hattie said...

So you keep an eye on the birds. That is so nice. Wish we had hummingbirds in Hawaii. My sister has a feeder, and I always enjoy seeing them at her place in California
BTW: I did not know that hummingbirds migrate.