Friday, August 8, 2014

Around OakMeadows

Around OakMeadows

The house is painted and looks very nice. Clean. The next project is the well. JMM has contacted the well drilling company and it will be drilled about the end of August. The shed will follow and finally the irrigation system. JMM is working 2 days a week to pay for all of it.  The rest of the time he is mowing and watering. He had let the back 2 acres grow up to please me--I love the deep grass for the rabbits and other creatures that hide in it and to keep the soil beneath it cool and moist. But he felt that the time had come to mow it.  It is quite a chore to mow 2 acres of thigh high grass. I told him he was getting a riding mower for his 70th birthday. 

I am dreading going to the doctor for my annual physical because I know he is going to tell me to lose weight.  It is difficult when you can't even walk to burn off calories.  I suppose it means going back to Weight Watchers. And no more evening trips to Baskin Robbins. OTOH, if all that is wrong with me is that I can't walk and need to lose weight, that is not such a bad place to be. 

The sweet kittens are growing every day. We had them out in the grass the other evening. The grass was a bit taller than they were and what a time they had stalking and pouncing on each other.  Even dear Bandit watched them play.  We had to bring them inside though when the raccoon family came tromping through the grass--a mama and 4 babies. Their next visit to the vet is on August 15 for worming and another treatment for ringworm for Henry.  They will be neutered in September. There are very few things as sweet as a kitten curled up sleeping on your lap. 

The sun is coming up later each morning. Soon the days will be cooling down. I love  autumn because by the time it gets here, I am fed up with the heat and humidity.  We don't get much really cold weather here just a month or two of nighttime freezing temperatures. Enough to make me appreciate the warmth of spring. 

I'm so sick of listening to the mess in the Middle East.  I can't think of any way to solve it so they may as well get on with murdering each other.  I hope the U.S. will stay out of it and stop selling weapons to any and all of them.  When news about the Middle East comes on, I plan to turn it off and either turn on music or enjoy the silence while I read, cook, quilt, clean, or play with the kittens. 

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