Friday, July 12, 2013

The Water Problem

We received our water bill for the month of June and were pretty much gobsmacked by it.  It was for $150. But what has us flummoxed is the fact that over half of that amount is flat fees that are unrelated to the amount of water that we used. $30 was for a "base fee" which has never been on our bill before. Another $60 is a flat fee to our "ground water reduction" district. This means that I am paying $90 per month before I get a drop of water. 

I fully realize that water is a precious and limited resource and I am all for water conservation.  But these fees have nothing to do with how much water I use or if I don't use any water at all. JMM says that the Ground Water Reduction fee is for piping surface water from Texas lakes to population centers.  Obviously, someone has forgotten to take a look at the state of our rivers and lakes in this drought. And since I don't live in a population center I wouldn't get any benefit from it anyway. 

JMM wants to look into putting in a water well. 

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Hattie said...

People here, too, are being forced to provide services that the state and municipalities should be responsible for.
But ask people how they feel about all this and they say they don't want more government and they don't want to pay taxes.
So the water company gets to screw over consumers and not provide any service at all in rural areas.
Friends of ours just put in a well. It cost $$$$$$.