Friday, July 19, 2013

Age 65 is good.

Age 65 is good. 

Age 65 is such a good age. Major health limitations have not set in. Yes, I can't do as much as I used to but the fact of the matter is that I don't need to do as much. I am fortunate enough to be retired and I love retirement. I once thought that I would be bored and lonely at home. Not at all. 

Age 65 is good because although I have lost both parents and an older brother, I still have good friends and family. One thing I learned from my Aunt Lillian who died at age 100 is that one should have friends of all ages, both older and younger. I enjoy my church groups, my book club, my quilting guild. I am alone at home while JMM is at work but I am never lonely. 

Age 65 is good because I have so many interests that require little effort or money. I love my quilting and reading. I enjoy my roses and am looking forward to growing a few other things too. 

Age 65 is good because our finances are in reasonably good shape. We are debt free and have savings and retirement funds. Although since JMM is still working and we are on his insurance plan, we both qualify for Medicare and will be able to afford supplemental insurance. We don't have an expensive lifestyle so our income is quite adequate.

Age 65 is good because I have learned to take what is useful from " the experts" and trust my own judgement.  Just because someone is an expert doesn't mean that they know what is best for me. 

Age 65 is good because I have time to stop and stare. Time to appreciate the beauty of sunrise and sunset, the lovely bright eyes of the tufted titmouse as he nips a sunflower seed from a feeder, the soft fur of my sweet cats, the smell of bread in the oven. And wisdom to know it is important to stop and stare. 

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