Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Kindness of Strangers and other things

Nice people and other things

Yesterday I got caught in a summer rain shower. I was in the parking lot at my grocery store and was using my  lift to load my scooter into my van.  It looked like it might rain but I thought I could beat it.  Well, I didn't and was getting soaked when a sweet lady with a large umbrella came over and held it over me while I finished loading the scooter. She certainly earned her wings yesterday!

Egypt. What can I say about it other than how terribly sad it is. The people are starving and the ones who should be leading them to a better life are locked in a struggle for power. Everyone loses. Democracy is having a very difficult start in Egypt and Syria. Sometimes we lose sight of just what precious things our democracy and our culture are. 

I was horrified to see that the local power company cleared all the trees, bushes, and undergrowth around the pond. There is now nothing to shade the water, nothing for the creatures to hide in, and where there was beauty and life, now there is ugly and dead. 

I am planning what to do with two garden flower beds. They are a mess right now and it is too hot for me to work up any enthusiasm to go clean them out. I got a flyer on the door the other day from a couple of neighborhood boys offering their services to do yard work and other chores.  So I think I will see how much they would charge me to clean out the beds. Then I need to decide on plants to go in them. I definitely want low maintenance plants that don't need much water and that deer won't eat. Maybe a nice cactus garden....

I had my eyes examined and am happy to say that other than needing a new prescription for my glasses, my eyes are fine.  I have the faintest beginning of a cataract on my left eye but nothing that will need attention in the near future. What a blessing vision is!

JMM took my van to work today loaded with all the recycling. We are very diligent recyclers and about every 6 weeks or so he takes all the cans, bottles, paper, and plastic in to the recycling center since we do not have curbside recycling out here.  I wonder how many tons of paper, glass, metal, and plastic we have recycled over the years??

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