Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Iraq - The One Decade Anniversary

Much is being written and said on this unbearably sad anniversary about the totally useless, unnecessary, immoral war that we perpetrated on the people of Iraq. I can hardly bear to read or listen to it.  Words, written and spoken, are so antiseptic, so removed from the horrors, the suffering, the destruction as to be in another world.  I see pictures of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld and I have an overwhelming desire to tear the picture into tiny pieces and burn the pieces. 
4500 young Americans dead, 10s of thousands with missing body parts and messed up minds, untold numbers of Iraqis dead or injured. 

Here are two of my many earlier blog posts on Iraq and Afghanistan:
We need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I don't have a clue as to what I can do to promote this idea but I am going to start finding out. 

It's a little thing but I sent an e-mail to

I'm going to find a way to work on this.


One person speaks out against the idiotic war in Afghanistan and it makes the Washington Post. Hallelujah! I suppose I should be grateful for that. But I'm not--I am furious that we are such utter sheeple that we are being led down this primrose path AGAIN. God how I wish we would bring back the draft so that everyone would have a stake in whether to continue this madness or not. How I wish we were forced to pay in full every year what this costs. But of course we won't--we will continue the war because you really don't have to send your children to be killed or maimed and we can continue with our tax cuts and piddling around with health care because we simply borrow more money from China. 
There is no "win" in Afghanistan; we will simply keep pouring more beautiful young men into that bottomless pit and the ones that aren't swallowed up will be sold to the highest bidder to repay all the money we borrowed to finance the war in the first place.
Same goes for Iraq.

Will we continue on the same path of perpetual war? Iran? Korea? I don't know. It makes me sick to think of it.

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