Friday, March 8, 2013

Dinner menu for next week

Breakfast is always either eggs or oatmeal and lunch is always a sandwich, leftovers, or leftover soup.  I make soup in quantity and freeze it so there is almost always soup available.
So that just leaves dinner to plan for. Most dinners are things that I've made many times. But there are so many good food blogs that I do find some new things or some ways to change old recipes.

Saturday - Bacon sandwiches, oven fries
Sunday - Roast, carrots, & mashed potatoes, green beans
Monday - Baked fish, oven roasted carrots/thyme, corn on the cob
Tuesday - Chicken Parmigiana , linguini, green beans
Wednesday - leftover roast
Thursday - leftover chicken
Friday - Chipolte

I may make some chocolate chip cookies. I haven't done much baking recently.

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