Saturday, March 16, 2013

I live with cats


Bandit is our tuxedo cat.  I am convinced that Bandit picked us to be his family.  I remember the first time I saw him, he was sitting in our driveway just outside the garage door. I stepped into the garage and there he was. For all the world, he was sitting there waiting for me to come outside. I was surprised but it was love at first sight on both our parts. I walked over to him, he did not even try to get away, and I picked him up. I took him inside and he purred and looked around. He was probably about 12 weeks old and I have absolutely no idea where he came from. He looked like he was well nourished. No one ever came to claim him. And I sincerely doubt if I would have given him up even if they had. 
Bandit is Mr. Personality. He loves people and always wants to be where his people are. Once, our neighbors gave a big party in their back yard. Bandit sat in the empty lot all by himself watching the party. When my housecleaners come, the other two cats disappear but Bandit sits on the kitchen bar and watches. 
He is very affectionate. Loves to be on my lap or beside me when I am quilting.  He watches me cook and mooches bits of meat, milk, or cheese. 
However, he has one disturbing characteristic. He is a mighty hunter. He loves fresh field mouse and he wants to share his kill. He will bring his kill to the back door, meowing loudly for us to open the door so he can bring it in. We have learned to recognize the sound of the meow that means he is bringing in a kill. I suppose he just likes to eat fresh and local. 
We have come to the conclusion that Bandit is a once in a lifetime cat. 


Hattie said...

Bandit sounds a lot like my cat,Fred. Fred is also a cat of mystery. He showed up in our yard one day. He had a broken hip and was in a lot of pain. We got him fixed up, and he is best cat ever, a real feline character.

Jessie said...

I dearly love cats. I have had many over the years, and it's true that every once in a while you adopt one who is just a little extra special. Bandit sounds like one of the special ones.