Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No Whining Day

No whining today. I am going to make this a good day.
I had the ultrasound this morning at 9 am. All went very smoothly and I was out by 9:15. Went to Whole Foods and bought a pork tenderloin to make for dinner this evening. I also bought 2 garnet sweet potatoes which are so good.

So far today, I have many things to be thankful and happy about:

1. I have access to good health care and the insurance & money to pay for it.
2. I have a good means of transportation—van, lift, & scooter.
3. I have a dear family that I love with every molecule of my being.
4. I have access to and money to pay for good, nutritious food. I am able to eat small amounts.
5. I have faith that God cares for me.

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