Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Humbling Experience

Every year Houston has an Internation Quilt Festival at the Geroge R. Brown Convention Center. It really is a quilting extravaganza. I only go every 5 years or so because it is so huge and so crowded and seeing the quilts on display is a sorely humbling experience. I am in awe of the creativity and craftsmanship of the quilts. I love to just wander through them and marvel at the colors and patterns. Even the quilts that are not to my taste can be admired for the craftsmanship.
There are about 100 women there for every long-suffering husband patiently waiting while his wife looks at long-arm quilting machines or picks out fabric or books. JMM went in search of a quilt rack for my quilts and found a nice one for $139. It will be shipped to us as he did not have the one we wanted there at the show.
One of the nicest things now is the ability to use your cell phone to locate the people you are with at such a huge event. There is no way to stay completely together and so when we got separated we would just call each other and arrange to meet on Aisle 1700 or whatever. I get very anxious when I can't find JMM or DD and cell phones nicely solve the problem. As time went on, it got more and more crowded and since I don't like crowds, said enough and came home. Nice to go but nicer to come home.

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