Sunday, November 7, 2010

Expenses! Savings!

The last quarter of the year is always very expensive:

Homeowners Insurance: $3250
Property Taxes: $5700
Homeowners Association: $1200
Auto Insurance: $636
Propane fill-up: $300

I have a separate savings account where I save $450 from each paycheck so that when these things come due, the money is there. This account is not my emergency fund because these are not emergencies, I know they are coming and know I'd better get ready for them. I also I have savings account for a new vehicle; my van has 127,000+ miles and JMM's truck has more miles on it. It shouldn't come as a shock that eventually one of us will need a new vehicle and I want to have the cash so it won't be an emergency. Like the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared!!

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Grace. said...

You are smart to budget for these seasonal expenses. I always mean to do that, but. . .