Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Brief Birding Trip to the Coast

JMM and I headed out for a birding trip early Friday morning. In fact, it was a little too early and very little was stirring in the chilly morning air. But by the time we were getting near Freeport, birds were everywhere. The highlight of the trip was a gorgeous osprey who had just caught his morning breakfast fish and was cooperative enough to land where we could watch him. So beautiful. We also saw many more brown pelicans than in recent trips; lots of white pelicans too. One of the most beautiful sights on earth is to watch a groups of white pelicans in a row just skimming the tops of the waves; how they do it is just a miracle. Lots of Royal Terns and Laughing Gulls, one lone Herring Gull. The sun shining on the tiny waves was so bright you couldn't look into it. I felt as if I were receiving an infusion of pure beauty.

Unfortunately, my energy levels collapsed shortly after we crossed the bridge at San Luis Pass and we couldn't check out our favorite spots on Galveston Island but had to turn back and come home. I think our future birding trips will either go another route to Galveston or we will turn back before the bridge.

On the way back, it was hawks on the telephone poles that kept our attention--Red Shouldered. Red Tailed, and a couple of Kestrels.

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