Monday, July 19, 2010

This rubs me the wrong way

I hear on the news this morning that we will be giving Pakistan half a billion dollars for hydroelectric dams, drip irrigation system, and infrastructure. This was followed by a segment on how we need to rein in the budget by not extending unemployment compensation to the unemployed here in the US. Seems to me that my tax dollars could be used for some infrastructure here at home even if we don't extend unemployment compensation. And then there is always the question of how much of that $500,000,000 will end up in some one's private Swiss account--80%?90%?? And finally, there is the question of isn't the House of Representatives supposed to have something to say about how our taxes are spent??

Update: Well, it looks like the aid to Pakistan was part of the foreign aid in the budget approved by the House of Representatives. Still, don't like it. I suggest it is time to give a long look at all the countries that I am sending my taxes to.

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