Saturday, July 24, 2010


JMM and I went to see it today. JMM really liked it; I thought it was pretty good--better than I had expected. The special effects were excellent, story and acting good--maybe a little too much shooting, car chases, and fights, but hey, it's a summer action movie so to be expected. The thing I have against it is purely personal--pseudo-science talk annoys me to no end. Taking something that is false and wrapping it in scientific language to make it sound believable just grates on me. If something is fiction that's fine but leave off the science talk. It reminds me of the late night radio show where people call in with their paranormal experiences. (Maybe if I'd ever been able to levitate anything, I'd think differently about it.) Anyway, if you need a summer action movie with some good plot twists and turns, it may be a dream come true for ya'.

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