Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Yard Scooter

Because of my neuromuscular problem, I have never been able to amble around our 4 acre property. JMM built a lovely brick path to the patio under the live oaks so I have been able to enjoy some of the loveliness but have been restricted to where my little scooter could take me. Well, that is about to change because we are getting a little utility vehicle. This morning we found what looks just perfect:

The one we are looking at has a roof to provide some shade from the hot Texas summer sun. We are debating the merits of the battery vs. the gasoline engine versions. The battery would be quieter and less smelly than the gasoline, but then there's much to be said for a good solid powerful Kawasaki engine too. Decisions, decisions.

The ones we were looking at cost $5,000--$5200. We will, of course, pay cash for it. When we make the final decision, I'll transfer money from savings to checking.

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