Thursday, July 29, 2010


I spend a lot of time listening to the radio. Sometimes it is just on in the background. Sometimes, like during and after hurricanes, radio is essential to know what is going on. When I was growing up the cool radio station was KILT which played all the new rock music. (All the really good music ended about 1970 though ...) My mother listened to the local station in Galveston but I can't remember the call letters for it.
Ever since I discovered Pandora, whenever I want music that's what I'll have on. But for general radio listening, I love NPR. The Diane Rehm Show is a daily favorite, Talk of the Nation and Marketplace are usually interesting, All Things Considered covers the news of the day, Ira Glass's This American Life almost always has a different perspective on life today, and Science Friday is always interesting but since I am at work when it is on, I get the podcast.
What I don't like on radio are the hate mongering sensationalists... so I don't listen to them.


Nicole said...

I've recently come addicted to The Splendid Table. We downloaded a ton of NPR podcasts for a recent road-trip we did and it totally saved our sanity, especially through the radioless desert. Plus I got to catch up to all those Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! episodes I missed during the year.

Florence said...

I've never listened to The Splendid Table--I'll check on it today. Listening to books on CDs while on roadtrips is a good sanity saver too.