Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Resistance

What I have been doing:

I called Pete Olson's office to express my opposition to the healthcare bill that is being rushed through before CBO results are made public.

 I sent a thank you note to ChiefJustice Roberts for the concerns he raised over stripping naturalized citizens of their citizenship for trivial matters. Every day Resistance.

I called the office of the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, to express my opposition to the recently signed Executive Order allowing resource extraction (mining, drilling) from our National Monuments. The phone number is 202 208 7351. Leave a message. (Texas has several National Monuments including the flint quarries and the Waco Mammoth Monument.)

I joined my local group of Indivisible.  We are going to our Congressman's local office next week to sign his register and leave messages for him. 


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You put my efforts to shame Florence. Good for you. Keep it up. (I keep justifying my laziness by saying that all my Senators and Representatives are Democrats -- that is true but no excuse for me really). (There is only one Republican in the Oregon delegation and he is not from our district. )

Florence said...

Sallie, I get so depressed and angry that I have to do something. It was such a relief to find Jen Hoffman's site that gives simple, easy to do actions that I can do.