Thursday, July 31, 2014

Around OakMeadows


It has been busy around OakMeadows. We adopted 2 little black kittens from the local animal shelter 2 weeks ago. I wanted to take them immediately to our own vet because experience has taught me that animals from shelters (especially kittens) are often sick. Long story, short: I didn't but I should have. They have now been treated for worms and ringworm and a bacterial infection. Fortunately, JMM and I are quite experienced at getting medication into cats. Now for the good part: They are darling and cute and I can waste more time watching them than even on the Internet.  Our two older cats were not pleased but have more or less adjusted. 

We have had the house painted. It looks so nice!  I found the painters using Angie's List and they really did a good job at a reasonable price.  They next big project is having the water well put in. 

My healthy habits campaign is going well with the exception of the exercise portion.  Healthy breakfast, healthy snack, healthy soup or salad for lunch, water every day. 

My makeover for the guest bedroom is coming along. I am making a new quilt and pillow shams for the bed. The pattern is easy but it is queen-sized so it requires 56 blocks and will therefore take some time.  I still haven't been able to wrangle JMM into making the prints of the Italian doorways but maybe soon....

I have made the reservations for our trip to Yosemite next spring.  I think it will be wonderful.  

Since I had such good luck with my Soup Project last year where I learned to make one new soup each month, I have decided to do a Muffin Project where I learn to make one new muffin recipe each month. I got some muffin cookbooks from the library and picked out 12 mostly healthy muffin recipes. August will be Cranberry-Pecan muffins. I'll post the results and if they are good, I'll post the recipe. 

Lots of good reading. I seem to be in a History pattern: An Army at Last Light by Rick Atkinson and The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin are in progress. I finished Galveston and the Civil War by James M. Schmidt. What a pleasure it is to have time to read!

All is so very well here at OakMeadows. Lots of love and pleasant things to do in beautiful surroundings. Life is excellent.

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Rambling Woods said...

I had 2 sick kittens too... Thank,goodness they found you!