Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quiet Wednesday

Quiet Wednesday 

It was very foggy this morning. Now that I don't have to drive in it, I love foggy mornings. Everything is still and mysterious and as the sun gradually comes up, the world looks like a hazy Impressionist painting. 

Good news: Our Medicare Parts A & B cards came with the correct start date of February 1, 2014. I had begun to worry that the paperwork had been lost or something was wrong. But sometimes things do go right.  I tend to expect things to go amiss or be more difficult or cost more than originally anticipated. So when things do go smoothly, it is a pleasant surprise. Anyway, the next step is the Humana rep is coming to our house December 27 to discuss the Advantage plans and prescription drug plans. 

I wish I were one of those people who love to cook. But frankly, it is a daily chore. Yes, yes, I am thankful that I have plenty of good food, that I have the means and ability to cook it, and that I can eat most anything I want. But I still don't like to actually do it.  I have been planning out the January menu. One day a week, I will be trying out a new recipe from the Slow Cooker Revolution cookbook. When I get the menu finished, I will post it. 

Quilting: I am on the downhill slide toward finishing it. I have all the quilting done and trimmed the edges. This morning I finished binding the first side. It should be finished by the end of the week.  Before I start any more new quilting projects, I want to replace the binding on the edges of my Irish Chain quilt.  Then we will see about a new quilt. 

Reading: Empire of Liberty is turning out to be one of the most interesting books I've ever read! Which is a good thing because at over 700 pages, I would hate to have to slog through it if it were boring.  What makes it so interesting is that we are still squabbling over the same questions that the Federalists (Hamilton) and the Republicans (Jefferson) were haggling over.  Fascinating. 
     I've just started on And Ladies of the Club by Helen Santmyer. So far so good. But there is so far to go--it is 1184 pages. What is it with me and long books here lately??

JMM is making bluebird houses.  The past 2 years we have had bluebirds nest in a box he bought at WalMart. But they were unable to raise the babies successfully because we think either raccoons or snakes raided the nest. Anyway, these new houses that he is making will have snake and raccoon proof baffles on them. At least, we hope they are snake and raccoon proof. He has made 5 so far. I'm not sure how many he plans to make. 

Friday I have to take my van in to the Honda dealership for some recall work and while it is there, I will have them do the 160,000 mile maintenance on it. Why do I have visions of hundred dollar bills flying from my hands.....

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Mary Walker said...

My Medicare A and B just arrived also. Also correct--thankfully. Nothing to do.

Also enjoy the snow or rain or fog more since I don't have to drive in it. We plan our outings so for better weather or are more likely to be cleared.