Friday, December 20, 2013

Goals for next week

Goals for Week Ending Saturday, December 28, 2013

1.  Quilting-- Bind edges
2.  Reading
     Empire if Liberty by Gordon S. Wood.
     And Ladies of the Club by Helen Santmyer
3.  Christmas
4.  Dental crown Monday 8am
5.  Meeting with Humana rep about Medicare Advantage plan


Hattie said...

Hope you can get good guidance through the Medicare maze.


Quilting is a wonderful craft -- just wish I could be patient enough to do it. But, I always appreciate the work of the quilter and of course the quilt itself. Best to you in 2014, -- barbara

Florence said...

Hattie, I hope so too. I have read as much as I can stand about the various Medicare supplemental policies and the various Medicare Advantage plans. But it is such a gamble because you don't know what you will need in the coming year. We need a universal single payer system! This is madness! IMHO

Florence said...

Barbara, I tell my husband that my quilting addiction is still cheaper than therapy! Hope you have a wonderful year too.